Welcome at the Laboratory of Space Technologies, Embedded Systems, Navigation and Avionics of √ČTS.

The LASSENA is an evolution of the research group in navigation and avionics, the GRNA, started in 1999 by Professor Landry. Thus, LASSENA has over 25 years of research experience in the areas of space technologies, navigation, avionics and embedded systems a global basis (team of students and researchers, publications, software and hardware infrastructure, dynamic website, etc.)..

The development comes under the banner LASSENA reinforce the notion of embedded systems to provide a clear and unique identity in order to meet the growing needs in this field. Note for example, the explosion of embedded systems in the various spheres of the community, including the potential of M2M (Machine-to-Machine), which attracts new customers and students of many companies in its areas of application . The research centers in navigation and avionics research activities are targeted, including embedded systems operating in the transport sector.

The vision of the LASSENA is first to promote its four main basic research through the training of highly qualified personnel, to advance scientific knowledge, develop integration projects with industry and foster a collaborative approach and multidisciplinary projects .

Join the team !