• PC-hosted instrument provides small footprint, saving valuable workspace. View your captured traces at the display size and resolution of your PC.
• Measurement modes: speed, memory depth: State: 200 MHz, 256 K deep, Timing: 400 MHz/800 MHz (full/half channel), 512 K/1 M deep (full/half channel), Transitional timing: 200 MHz, 256K deep • Familiar Windows® interface with efficient single-screen operation • Probing cables are conveniently accessed from the front of the instrument.
• Offline analysis allows you to make the most efficient use of your time and equipment. While your analyzer is running to capture an elusive system crash, you can be analyzing previously captured data on a Windows® PC.
• An IEEE 1394 port provides direct connection to a 500 MHz minimum Intel Celeron or AMD K-6 II (or equivalent) PC running Windows® 2000 Professional.