12 GHz (TDS6124C) Risetimes to 19 ps 20-80% 40 GS/s real-time sample rate on two channels*1, 20 GS/s real-time sample rate on all four channels with 500 fs/sample interpolated points Up to 64 Megasamples on two channels*1, up to 32 Megasamples record length on all four channels with MultiView Zoom™ function for quick navigation MyScope® Custom Control Windows Enhance Productivity Serial pattern triggering up to 3.125 Gb/s with 8b/10b protocol triggering Serial data analysis and compliance at rates of 6.25 Gb/s and above OpenChoice® software with Microsoft Windows XP OS delivers built-in networking and analysis Technology specific software solutions provide built-in domain expertise for serial data, jitter, ethernet, DVI, USB2.0, communications, and power measurements