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Part of the research issues related to technology avionics affect the following aspects:

1) Reduction Techniques "SWAP" (Space Weight and Power)
2) Integration of components "Commercial-off-the-shelf" (COTS) systems
3) Changing architectures: hardware redundancy to software redundancy
4) Design methods of critical systems
5) Accessibility / Data Management "glass-cockpit" Universal (flight test engineering)
6) Management of human factors in modern cockpits
7) Issues related to aerial surveillance systems (NextGen)
8) Modeling and Simulation of Avionics Systems
9) Fault Tolerance and certification issues
10) Etc.

Below are the research themes arising from these issues, which are studied by the research team of the laboratory LASSENA.

Systèmes IMA

Architectures, réseau de communication, protocoles, ARINC 653, etc.

Glass Cockpit,
Universel et Affichage

Project UGC (Universal
Glass Cockpit), ingénierie
des tests en vol, etc.

Radio Avionique SatNav

VHF, Transpondeur, SatCom, ILS, DME, VOR, redondance,
architecture, etc.

Surveillance aérienne

NEXTGEN, ADS-B, radar, ATM, surveillance sitcom, détection de collision, etc.

Software Defined Avionique (SDA)

Radio reprogrammable, flexibilité logicielle, radio logicielle
intelligente, etc.

Simulateur de vol

Intégration, commade de vol, aide au pilotage, facteurs humains, algorithmes de commandes

Gestion de vol

Flight Manager System (FMS), Electronic Flag Bag (EFB), MCDU, algorithmes d’optimisation
de vol, etc.

Auto-pilot Universel

Algorithmes de commande et
guidage, technologies APM (Airfoil Performance Monitoring), etc.

Banc d’essai volant

UAV, ingénierie de tests en vol,
Protocole ARINC, etc.


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