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Next Generation e-Transponder (NGeT)


René Jr Landry

Beginning date:

1 September 2014

Project duration :

2 years

Description :

This contact between MDA and ÉTS supports a collaborative effort in technology development for the application of innovative approaches in remote sensing and geo-modelling to monitor surface deformation and change in pipeline rights of way using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Specifically, on the developing proof-of-concept technologies for next-generation electronic transponders, which allow active ground-based signals to be detected within SAR imagery and used as point targets during data analysis and interpretation. A project entitled "Comprehensive Earth Observation-Based Pipeline Monitoring Approach" is under a contract to MDA with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), under the Earth Observation Application Development Program (EOADP). The collaborative research in this subcontract matches the expertise of MDA in satellite remote sensing technologies and applications, SAR satellite systems, and ÉTS’s expertise in signal processing and design of electronic devices for satellite navigation and control.

The principal role of ÉTS in the project is to provide geo-engineering support and research expertise to MDA’s Technical Team to:

  • Review and update e-Transponder design, as needed
  • Source and integrate components for breadboard development
  • Perform laboratory testing
  • Document methodology and results and recommend next steps

Partners :

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