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Current researchers and students mosaic :

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Current researchers and students

Post Doctorate


Development of a Resilient Positioning System with Interferences Mitigation Between Broadband 'Iridium Next and Inmarsat' Signals onboard Aircraft

Research Professionnal

Victor Douet

iBNav (Inertial Body Navigation)


Abdelrahman El Gebali

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Mitigation Technique in Wireless Communications

Abulasad Elgamoudi

Accuracy of RFI Geolocation and Target Tracking based on Kalman Filtering in Wireless Communication Networks

Hakim Benzerrouk

Joe Zambrano

Cognitive Approach to Reconfigurable Software Defined Wideband Radio for Satcom in Aeronautical Applications

Novignon Akakpo-Guetou

Advanced navigation and automated airspace integration for Urban Air Taxis


Alain Royal

Embedded system with SDR (Software defined Radio)

Anh Quang Nguyen

Integrated avionics in a DRFS Software Defined Radio

Bilel Saoussen


Farzan Farhangian

Mohammadhossein Same

Integration of RFI Processing Technologies in Satcom Communication Receivers

Quang The Toan Bui

Software Defined GNSS receiver in PicoSDR

Sahar Ujan

Real-time RFI Characterisation and Elimination using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Victor Bursucianu

MIMO SDR Radar Altimeter for CNS

S2 Trainee

Arnaud Brouillet-Gagnon

VOR/ILS implementation and certification on a SDR

Émile Normand


François Pepin

AVIO 601 - Interference Mitigation in Satellite Communication

Geordi-Gabriel Renaud Dumoulin

open source SDR

Joel Hessede Masso


Donnay Fleury Nahimana


Mohammad Sefidgar



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