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Current researchers and students

Post Doctorate

Arul Elango

GNSS Software Defined Radio with anti-jamming capabilities


Development of a Resilient Positioning System with Interferences Mitigation Between Broadband 'Iridium Next and Inmarsat' Signals onboard Aircraft

Research Professionnal

Farzan Farhangian

Inertial LEO augmented Software-Defined GNSS Receiver for Robust and Resilient PNT

Victor Douet

iBNav (Inertial Body Navigation)


Abdelrahman El Gebali

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Mitigation Technique in Wireless Communications

Abulasad Elgamoudi

Effective Technique for Optimizing Accuracy of RFI Geolocation and Tracking in SatCom Application

Hadi Foroutan

Security of massive NB-IoT networks with Blockchain

Joe Zambrano

Cognitive Approach to Reconfigurable Software Defined Wideband Radio for Satcom in Aeronautical Applications

Lin Bao

Next Generation SDR Avionics (SDAR) for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance

Majid Rafiaei

The system for finding the optimal path for vehicle in an urban setting

Neda Navidi

Driving Behavior Assessment Based on GPS and Inertial Sensors Measurements

Novignon Akakpo-Guetou

Advanced Detection and Collision avoidance systems and safe and efficient integration into Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management (UTM) system for urban air mobility aircraft (UAM).


Abdelmoula Zaazoua

Novel SDAM Data Fusion Architecture and Algorithm for NextGen SDA

Abdessamad Amrhar

Reconfigurable FPGA Implementation of Avionics Systems

Alain Royal

Embedded system with SDR (Software defined Radio)

Alexia Mylène Verpoort

System in order to manage 3D soldier positionning indoor and map generation in 2D/3D of the environnement

Ali Eghmazi


Amirhossein Shoaraye-Nejati

New architecture and fusion algorithm for avionic Software Defined Radio Applications

Anh Quang Nguyen

Integrated avionics in a DRFS Software Defined Radio

Cedric Bobda


Clément Go

Déborah Malexieux

Swarm of drone for Autonomatic 3D indoor mapping and object recognition

El Hardoum Diego


Florian Reynaud

Guillaume Vacheron

Advanced Architecture for Robust DME-DME SDR

Imad Ennasser

Cross-platform implementation of a Universal Glass Cockpit application

Jamal Habibi

Electrical Engineering – Electronics

Kenza Thimani

Larissa Laurence Azer

Automatised decklanding for a double rotors helicopter UAV

Mhamed Tazi

Mohamad Sefidgar

Landing Control of the Unmanned Helicopter over Moving Platform using Image Analysis Techniques

Mohammadhossein Same

Integration of RFI Processing Technologies in Satcom Communication Receivers

Othmane Chahby

Quang The Toan Bui

Software Defined GNSS receiver in PicoSDR

Remi Damond

Development of a nonlinear command for a drone with automatic landing on a mobile platform

Sahar Ujan

Real-time RFI Characterisation and Elimination using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Samir Zemam

Development of expertise in autonomous control adapted to the "Industry 4.0" context, integrating the respect of terminal constraints and the detection and avoidance of obstacles in an unstructured environment without GPS

Victor Bursucianu

MIMO SDR Radar Altimeter for CNS

S3 Trainee

Francois-Xavier Gravel

ibNav - Development and maintenance of the graphical user interface

Gabriel Gleeton

Integration of CWI-type interference mitigation and treatment technologies in satellite communication receivers

Hugo Pizon

NextGen Software Defined Avionics Radio (SDAR)

Jean-Baptiste Talbot

ibNav - Development and maintenance of the graphical user interface

Jonathan Boudreau

Project R-PNT : Resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing

Nicolas Gauvin-Gingras

Development of an RF Front End for avionics

Philippe Bourgault

Design of an integrated avionics wideband radiofrequency head for air vehicles

Philippe St-Onge


Preslav Ivanov

Interference Mitigation in Satellite Communication

S2 Trainee

Alessandro Di Genova


Alexandre Lamarre

NextGen SDAR

Anthony Rondeau-Demeule

Cross-platform implementation of a Universal Glass Cockpit application

Antoine Major

ibNav - Indoor Body Navigation

David Ouellet

NextGen SDAM

Felix Wilhelmy

Guillermo Alberto Martinez

NextGen SDAR

Marc-Olivier Gagné


Maxime Blais



Olivier Juteau-Desjardins

Next Generation Software Defined Avionics Radio

Souhail Ghafoud

RPNT-ibNav : ibNav RTOS firmware development

Soulaha Djenabou Balde

Interior naviguation system et real-time 3D mouvement capture

Vincent Theroux

iBNav (Inertial Body Navigation)

Foreign Trainee


Hamza Bouzenzen

Design of the RF front end (aircraft)


Aurey-Lorentz Tsemo-Djoua


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