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Current researchers and students mosaic :

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Current researchers and students

Post Doctorate

Aamir Shahzad

AVIO-601 Interference Mitigation in Satellite Communication



Oussama Derbel

Vehicle Tracking and Accident Diagnostic System (VTADS)

Xiaoxing Fang

Navigation and Guidance of Autonomous Vehicles for Application Safety

Research Professionnal

Jérôme Leclère

Advanced methods for processing GNSS signals


Abdelrahman El Gebali

RFI Mitigation Technique in Wireless Communications

Abulasad Elgamoudi

Geolocation of Radio Frequency Interference in SatCom System using TDOA/FDOA Techniques and Genetic Algorithm (GA)

Joe Zambrano

Cognitive Approach to Reconfigurable Software Defined Wideband Radio for Satcom in Aeronautical Applications

Maherizo V. Andrianarison

New methods and architectures for future hybrid high sensitivity GNSS receiver using cognitive radio concept

Zakaria El Alaoui Ismaili

Design of a very wide range frequency synthesizer architecture appropriate to avionic software defined radio (SDR) applications


Abdessamad Amrhar

Reconfigurable FPGA Implementation of Avionics Systems

Anh Quang Nguyen

Integrated avionics in a DRFS Software Defined Radio

Anis Feki

Development of a platform for reconstruction and 3D analysis of an accident

Eric Zhang

Development of a SatCom Software Defined Wideband Radio

Golrokh Araghi

Development of a temperature dependent model for on-line calibration of very low-cost inertial sensors

Jafar Honarmand

Iridium and Inmarsat RFI Mitigation

Jean-Grace Oulai

High Accuracy RFI Geolocation and Noise Cancellation with AI

Lajmi Cherif Mohamed

Development of a linearized multi-sensor integrated navigation system for robust automotive navigation in harsh environment

Mathieu Lebrun

Development of a Nano-iBB platform for PHYD car industry

Mohammadhossein Same

Real-time Study of DVB-S2 SDR Modems in the Presence of Jamming

Sahar Ujan

Real-time RFI Characterisation and Elimination using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Samir Zemam

Development of expertise in autonomous control adapted to the "Industry 4.0" context, integrating the respect of terminal constraints and the detection and avoidance of obstacles in an unstructured environment without GPS

Simon Mera

GPS IF Signal Generator – Simulation and Real-Time Implementation

Sofia El Hazzaouni

New RFI Detection and Mitigation signal processing technique: Simulation, test et analysis

Foreign Trainee

Alexandre GUERIN

development of a DME/TMS/ADS-B software radio using a python/ipad application

Chak Chiu Yiu


Corentin Lécot

Test and validation of an integrated navigation system based on linearized models

Gaëtan Desrues


Guillaume Hass

AVIO-505 : Software radios for highly integrated system architecture

Hugo Poupard

AVIO-505 : Software radios for highly integrated system architecture

Judith Caroff

Development of a secure and dynamic website and of promotional tools for the LASSENA

Mathis DEROO

Embedded systems engineering and hardware design for a low-cost integrated navigation system

Paul Ledesma

Airbored maintenance thanks to UAV in formation

Quentin Mase

Development of a secure and dynamic website and of promotional tools for the LASSENA

Thaweb Hajji

Integration of the system in Nano-iBB for autonomous driving

Victor Opter d’Arcangues



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