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Current researchers and students mosaic :

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Current researchers and students

Post Doctorate

Aamir Shahzad

Interference Mitigation in Satellite Communication


Development of a Resilient Positioning System with Interferences Mitigation Between Broadband 'Iridium Next and Inmarsat' Signals onboard Aircraft

Oussama Derbel

Vehicle Tracking and Accident Diagnostic System (VTADS)

Xiaoxing Fang

Navigation and Guidance of Autonomous Vehicles for Application Safety

Research Professionnal

Jérôme Leclère

GNSS for Space


Abdelrahman El Gebali

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Mitigation Technique in Wireless Communications

Abulasad Elgamoudi

Novel Technique for Geolocation of Interference Sources in Satellite Communication System

Joe Zambrano

Cognitive Approach to Reconfigurable Software Defined Wideband Radio for Satcom in Aeronautical Applications

Zakaria El Alaoui Ismaili

Design of a very wide range frequency synthesizer architecture appropriate to avionic software defined radio (SDR) applications


Abdessamad Amrhar

Reconfigurable FPGA Implementation of Avionics Systems

Anh Quang Nguyen

Integrated avionics in a DRFS Software Defined Radio

Anis Feki

Development of a platform for reconstruction and 3D analysis of an accident

Hamza Rasaee


Jean-Grace Oulai

High Accuracy RFI Geolocation and Noise Cancellation with AI

Lajmi Cherif Mohamed

Development of a linearized multi-sensor integrated navigation system for robust automotive navigation in harsh environment

Mathieu Lebrun

Driving events detection and analysis, a dynamically focused approach

Mohammadhossein Same

Integration of RFI Processing Technologies in Satcom Communication Receivers

Sahar Ujan

Real-time RFI Characterisation and Elimination using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Samir Zemam

Development of expertise in autonomous control adapted to the "Industry 4.0" context, integrating the respect of terminal constraints and the detection and avoidance of obstacles in an unstructured environment without GPS

Foreign Trainee

Mohamed HAJJEM


Quentin Penin

Design of a simulator for automatic behavior analysis and vehicle collision

Simon Coudrier


Victor Douet


PFE Synthesis Project

Abbygaelle Noll


Jean-Sébastien Dominique


Victor Bursucianu

Design of a satellite positioning, navigation and synchronization (PNS) system that does not use GNSS services


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