AIRS (Avionics Integrated under Reconfigurable Software)

Our project aims at developing an innovative software radio capable of integrating multiple avionic radios of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance, including a digital radio-altimeter into a single platform, in response to the need for reduced SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost), while enhancing the performance and safety of new autonomous air transport applications and the electric vehicles of the future. The scientific outcomes of this research consist of testing a new method of design and validation of avionic systems, which also helps reduce certification phases and optimize their applications. The parallel processing of avionic functions in several processors will be dissociated thanks to SysGo’s PikeOS operating system. Moreover, the avionic solution will allow the integration of advanced fusion algorithms and artificial intelligence in such a way that the designed systems will ensure a better estimation of critical parameters during air operations. This collaboration with our renowned partners, Thales and ACSS, leaders in the avionic industry, ensures the relevance and impact of our work.


René Jr Landry (ÉTS Lead), Jean-Marc Gagné (ÉTS, Project Manager)

Beginning date:

1 October 2023

Project duration :

1 year