Ali Eghmazi


This project seeks to combine massive IoT with blockchain technology in order to improve the security of data produced by IoT devices. IoT devices produce massive quantities of data that are transferred over the internet and are vulnerable to cyber attacks. The project will take advantage of the scalability and versatility of massive IoT to facilitate the merging of a large number of IoT devices, allowing for real-time tracking and management. This will provide a more comprehensive picture of the IoT devices, making any suspicious behaviour easier to detect. Furthermore, blockchain technology will be used to provide a decentralised, tamper-proof system for saving and controlling IoT device data. The blockchain will guarantee the accuracy and security of the data because it will be spread across numerous nodes, making unauthorised access difficult. The project will also include smart contracts, which will handle security processes such as access limits and data authentication, making IoT device management more efficient and secure. The use of smart contracts reduces the possibility of human error and allows for quicker reaction times to any security issues. Overall, the project will provide a safe and resilient system for administering IoT devices, protecting the data produced by these devices from cyber assaults. This will be critical for the proliferation of IoT devices in industries such as transit, and navigation, where data protection and anonymity are critical.