ibNav Project : Indoor Body Navigation

The objective of this project is to provide a modular and lightweight solution for indoor body navigation with the capability of real-time fluid 3D motion capture. The proposed and developed system will have both indoor and outdoor PNT capabilities, as well as accurate limb attitude determination and robust activity recognition. Scalable sensor array and autonomous runtime IMU calibration will be used in the system to improve its performance. The challenges of this project include: 1) operation without external infrastructure; 2) indoor navigation within a 3D virtual environment; 3) portable and low cost solution; 4) high accuracy navigation over at least 1 hour; 5) navigation error of less than 30 meters from last known position, etc. The developed system will have huge potential applications such as multimedia, gaming, health care, training, etc.


René Jr Landry, Hamza Benzerrouk

Beginning date:

1 September 2018

Project duration :

2 years

Partners :