Identita is a boutique security firm specializing in biometric access control solutions. We offer a complete credential management solution including both hardware tokens and client server application software. The company’s research and development has culminated in the creation of breakthrough next generation powered smart cards in a credit card format. Identita currently manufactures an audio smart card and a display card (OTP) in this credit card format. We have also released biometric variations which are available in fingerprint and ECG , the first and only card of its kind to identify the user via bioelectric signals unique to the registered cardholder. Building on our expertise in embedding electronics into small formats, including authentication and secure communications, Identita has also developed custom products for clients around the world. The company’s solutions can be used for corporate security, E-commerce, education, government, healthcare, banking, finance, gaming, and mobile industries to name some. Browse our website and then contact us to discuss your requirements.