Jamal Habibi


The objective of this project is to design and implement NextGen ADS-B on SDR, and to explore and implement of appropriate encryption schemes and blockchain technology for establishment of the secure ADS-B. we are aimed to develop a secured ADS-B to address potential threats such as confidentiality, availability, and integrity. It was initiated to be done in three phases: Design and implementation of the ADS-B in Simulink and C++, integration of the system in the software-defined radio (SDR), and design and implementation of secured the secured ADS-B and its integration with blockchain to enhance security.
Both ADS-B in/out Simulink and C++ versions have been implemented successfully, in addition, various lab, outdoor and flight tests have been done. Key requirements’ validation and verification were also done and tested either in the lab or field.
To achieve secure ADS-B, format preserving encryption algorithm is implemented and examined successfully. The secured ADS-B not only protects the ADS-B sensitive information including the position of aircraft, aircraft id, and status from any changes but also does not allow other unauthorized users or airplanes to access the ADS-B data.