Mohammadhossein Same


The objective of this project is to equip and improve the DVB-S2 modem with interference cancellation methods. This project will first implement a DVB-S2 Satcom modem on Bee-Cube Software-Defined-Radio (SDR) devices to generate real-time transmitted RF signal, then another SDR device generates different kinds of interference like as Continues-Wave (CW) and Chirp-Signal will be implemented. By using the channel emulator RT LOGIC T400CS, the interference will be added to the transmitted signal in the satellite channel. In the design of TX/RX modems, the challenging work includes: 1) Header-Insertion/Frame-Synchronization; 2) Pulse-Shaping/Symbol Timing Recovery/Match-Filtering; 3) Pilot-Insertion/CFO& Phase offset Compensation; 4) BCH Coding/Decoding, LDPC Coding/Decoding, Interleaving; 5)MPEG2 Compression/Decoding. Interference/jamming mitigation techniques will be studied based on the adaptive methods. Utilized interference mitigation methods will cancel the interference as much as possible with the lowest decreasing of system performance. Mitigation methods can be implemented in the time domain, such as Adaptive-Filtering, or in the frequency domain, such as Notch-Filtering.