René Jr Landry


Director of LASSENA

Professor Landry is very active in the fields of signal processing applied to the design of digital receivers, the design of electronic devices related to satellite navigation and nuclear non-destructive testing (EPRI). He has 2 years of experience in the Canadian space industry (Spar Aerospace) before spending 7 years of research in Europe. These activities related to the robustness and electronic countermeasures of GPS receivers (anti-jamming, reduction of thresholds) have enabled him to work with major European companies (CNES and ESA-ESTEC, for the French Space Agencies and European, SAGEM, Sextant Avionique (now Thales), ONERA-CERT, NATO, etc). A member of the LACIME Group at ÉTS since 1999, he is the founder of the GRNA research group working in the field of GNSS and inertial satellite navigation for civil and military projects in the context of land, aeronautical and spatial. Professor Landry is also an all-category commercial pilot with multi, IFR and seaplane ratings.