The collaboration AÉROÉTS – Marinvent Corporation is a unique initiative establishing a consortium offering services of university and industrial training specialized for disciplines of certification, flight tests, and integration of the embarked systems in aeronautics. It also supports the research and development in a high-level academic context. This initiative is directly connected with the efforts of AÉROÉTS Montreal to arrange and emphasize the numerous resources of our industry from Quebec.

Une équipe multidisciplinaire

This collaboration is based on a highly experimented team including among others:

  • Professors specialized in the field of the aviation, the telecommunications and of the processing of signal
  • Doctors in sciences of the computing, specialists in interfaces men, machines and human factors
  • Agents of certification representatives and authorized by Transport Canada
  • Airline pilots and test pilots
  • Several students of the first one, the second and third university cycles coming from diverse domains of study of which in the 1st cycle: the electric, software, mechanical engineering and production automated as well as mastersit in aerospace

Des projets innovants

AÉROÉTS and Marivent Corporation encourage actively the research and development of the innovation in the field of the aviation by supporting the realization of various research projects with industrial incidence.

* Aerodynamic Performance Monitor ( APM) is a system to supply to the crew certain critical information on the margin of portance real of the plane. 
* The universal Glass Cockpit ( UGC) is a project of research and development aiming at the realization of a software cockpit of aviation embarked, based on mobile platforms with touch-sensitive screens.
* The entitled CRIAQ AVIO-505 project SDR-HISA is project of research and development on the new architectures of software radio highly integrated.