Welcome to the Laboratory of Space Technologies, Embedded Systems, Navigation and Avionics of ÉTS

LASSENA, an evolutionary offshoot of the GRNA research group in navigation and avionics founded by Professor René Jr. Landry in 1999, boasts over 25 years of invaluable research experience. Delving into the realms of space technologies, navigation, avionics, and embedded systems on a global scale, LASSENA has cultivated a robust foundation comprising a dedicated team of students and researchers, prolific publications, sophisticated software and hardware infrastructure, and a dynamic website.

Under the overarching LASSENA umbrella, the development endeavors to fortify the prominence of embedded systems, aiming to carve out a distinctive identity that resonates with the escalating demands in this dynamic field. The surge in embedded systems across diverse sectors within the community, notably the burgeoning potential of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications, has spurred heightened interest from both new clients and students representing a myriad of companies.

LASSENA’s strategic focus aligns with research activities in navigation and avionics, with a specific emphasis on embedded systems operating within the transport sector. The vision of LASSENA extends beyond its foundational research, emphasizing four key areas, by fostering the training of highly skilled professionals, advancing scientific knowledge, spearheading integration projects with industry partners, and championing a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to research projects. Through these initiatives, LASSENA aspires to contribute significantly to scientific advancements and cultivate a forward-thinking ecosystem that bridges academia and industry.

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